Kvindebandet consists of four women who play whatever instrument they like. With keyboards, vocals, guitar, bass, machinedrumm and modular systems, they bring forth dreamy and seductive soundscapes that are as much the sounds of a fatal siren as those of a child left home alone. At once, the music is both playful and without a safety net. The music, which the four women escape into, is unpolished and genre-free; it is created with natural human elements such as humor, seriousness and melancholia.
Longing for a space that allows them to express themselves, the four women found each other in February 2012 at The WinterJazz festival in Esbjerg – a town in the south-western part of Denmark. Their joint musical platform was established through their interpretations of jazz standards, but the four women soon found a completely new sound in their musical dialogue and in the emerging songs about love, loneliness, grief and fear.
In Kvindebandet, dramatic absurdities and a minimalistic fullness are examined, and the band’s motivation is simple: A longing for a feeling of togetherness. They are not in a hurry. The creative world can sometimes feel destructive, too focused on results, and too superficial. Together, the four women have created a space for the development of their musical dialogue.
Mija Milovic from Kvindebandet: >> I think we all needed this space – this playful space, where we were allowed to be driven by our desires and the inspiration we got from each other. It feels as if fate wanted the four of us to meet here in Esbjerg and complete each other. We are the spark that started the fire.<< 

What remains is a vibrating, filmic atmosphere with its deep horror, strange and dark manipulations and longing voices – like the score of an intriguing horror movie in which the listener plays the lead role.